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Sometimes we all need help along the way.

You are choosing to step into something that has the potential to change your life. Whether you’re simply seeking some extra help for the road ahead, or turning the page on a new chapter of your life, professional counseling can provide you with that added support and guidance to help you on your journey.

A client once said to me, “I’m glad you are driving this bus” (of therapy). I gently responded, “You know, the way I see it is that we are journeying together, and you are the driver…I am with you, and supporting you, and helping you navigate, yet I see you as the driver of our journey.” I believe that each human being has the knowledge and power to find his or her own answers. Sometimes we all need help along the way in finding those answers, especially if we have faced challenges in childhood that have left us sometimes without models from which to learn.

Good therapy is, for me, about supporting the emerging growth of the self and supporting connection. I believe that the relationship between client and therapist is the crucible through which transformation takes place; that relationship must include trust, caring and empathic regard in order for the journey to be valuable. Although I use many different techniques in service of my clients’ goals, I believe that the relationship is the most important factor for creation of change

Susan Hammonds-White is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a Level II EMDR therapist. Imago couples work to bring back and deepen the original passion that brought them together. EMDR, approved by the Department of Defense as a method for helping with PTSD, also helps with anxiety, depression and other emotional issues. 


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