Imago Relationship Therapy


Remember what it was like when you fell in love? 

You were walking on air, colors were brighter, you couldn't wait to see your beloved, and you were not with him or her, you could only think about when you would next meet.  These wonderful feelings are part of the stage of relationship called romantic is a wonderful time, and when couples come to my office in the midst of struggle, they often will say something like, "We want to find that feeling that we lost."

Imago Relationship Therapy helps couples understand what happens when you fall in love, why those romantic feelings tend to fade away, why they are replaced by a feeling of disappointment ( you're not what I expected), and, most important, how you can find your way to a deeper and more sustained and passionate love relationship.  It takes work and commitment, but it is possible!


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READ: Making Marriage Simple. It's a great resource by Harville Hendrix and Helen LeKelley Hunt. Harville Hendrix developed IRT almost 30 years ago, and couples have benefitted from this process all over the world. 

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WATCH: I Forgive You. It's a wonderful short video that captures the essence of Imago is available. Nedra Fetterman, Ph.D at shares this gem.

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